A historical villa
surrounded by a secret garden
in the heart of Sorrento
where mythology meets tradition.

Wedding in Sorrento Villa Zagara
An exclusive venue for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration where your dreams come true.

Surrounded by a rare medley of flowers and trees, Villa Zagara is the perfect backdrop for your fairytale wedding and exclusive events. This romantic spot, made precious by its rich history, elegant gardens and stunning views, gives you the opportunity to experience your event as you have always dreamt.

Our unparalleled professional service and exquisite cuisine will create the ideal atmosphere for any type of celebration, crafting every detail of your perfect day. All you have to do is imagining your ideal event, creating everlasting memories and expecting to return…”
Sorrento hotel owners villa zagara

Anna Acampora - Antonino Apreda

villa zagara Property OWNERS

Breath the Amalfi Coast

Immerse yourself in the flavors of our amazing gardens. Smell the delicate aromas of orange, lemon and olive trees, awaken your senses in the corner of spices. Be pampered by the harmony of the sea, the sounds of waterfalls and the chirping of birds. Taste the goodness of fresh products and organic fruits from our vegetable gardens. Amaze yourself with a breathtaking view on the Vesuvio and enjoy the rainbow of colors made by the variety of flowers surrounding the Villa.

Spend the best day of your life in Villa Zagara
Live the charm of time
Traditions, mythology and history come together to create a magic atmosphere. Right in the land of the mermaids you can visit various historical periods in once. At Villa Zagara, you have the chance to admire a wonderful staircase of the XVIth century, an Olympic size swimming pool that used to be one of the nymphaeum made by the ancient Roman Agrippa, and a XVIIth century oven, made of tuff, used to work the silkworm. Also, you can pass through a Pompeian-style area that would bring you back to the Ancient Pompeii era. 

Celebrate the Italian way

With an atmosphere of total serenity and tranquility, Villa Zagara is the perfect backdrop for the most treasured moment of your life-time. This unique location offers various refined areas for celebrating exclusive private events, weddings, runway shows and so on. We offer a stress-free planning of your special day. Let us set the scene by taking care of every detail in refined and elegant Italian style. Also, do not miss the opportunity to experience the venue at the fullest by choosing to stay at this timeless property’s suites.