At Villa Zagara, get ready to awake all of your senses.

With an infinite variety of plants, flowers, and gardens to explore, Villa Zagara is considered to be the “Green Lung” of Sorrento. Our gardens are unique and eclectics: they serve fresh products that are offered to our guests while providing rare smells and aromas

The Vegetable Garden

We take a great care of our vegetable garden and use our fresh products to prepare authentic and refined dishes. Walking through the garden, you will have the chance to find and try many different types of vegetables. For example, talking about tomatoes, you can kind different kinds from the local “occhi di bue”, the sweet and tasty datterini tomatoes and the famous San Marzano variety that we use to prepare our canned tomatoes. But that is not all: you will also find 6 different types of salads, original Neapolitan peppers, potatoes, peas… and much more that will make you feel the authenticity of the real Mediterranean cuisine!

The Aromas Corner

Going around our aromas corner is an unforgettable experience: aromatic herbs and spices create a rare flavour that you will carry for a long time. Also, some of these plants are used to create unique drinks, granite and ice-creams, while some others are needed to make dishes tastier and more digestible. Here are just some of the herbs and plants you will find: liquorice, mint, oregano, wild rocket, Greek basil, sage and coriandolo… you better visit the garden to discover them all!

The Orchard

The Villa Zagara orchard is surely one of the most unusual ones in the Sorrento Coast. As a matter of fact, there are some exotic varieties of fruits such as bananas, mangos, avocados, dragon and passion fruits. At the same time, there are more ancient plants such as feonies and jujube, or traditional ones like kiwis, strawberries, peaches, grapes… all ready to be admired, picked and tasted!

The Rose Garden

Rose gardens are always extremely romantic, but in Villa Zagara they are not just emotional... they are a real gem! Come to see with your own eyes the different shades of colors: red, rose, orange roses and so much more... Also, you can find the rare velvet and Pompeii rose, the latter one found in the middle of the ancient ruins!

The Citrus Plants

Citrus trees are the main component of the Sorrento landscape. Villa Zagara, indeed, offers a multitude of different citrus plants and fruits that depict the authentic Amalfi Coast scenery. You can find over 450 lemons trees typical of Sorrento, called Surrentinian Oval, which have the amazing white Zagara flower! There are orange trees and a variety of rare species of citrus plants. If you love lemons, you will fell in love with our gardens...

The Ancient Plants

Walking through the amazing gardens you will come across an infinite number of plants, some of which are way ancient and traditional. For example, you will find centuries-old olive and cypress trees, but also magnificent mulberry plants that the Benedectine monks used to feed the silkworm. Today, you can still find the oven used to dry the silk cocoons in the Villa! However, it is impossible to describe the infinity of plants and flowers that you can find in Villa Zagara in a few words. Our suggestion is to book a tour of the Gardens and explore their beauty with your own eyes!