Seaview, Italian Olive Grove and Lemon Grove are a perfect combination for a unique event.

When thinking about the Amalfi coast one of the first things that comes to mind is the beauty of the panoramas.One of the most famous towns of the Amalfi coast, is Sorrento, territory rich in history, culture and traditions, all aspects to discover and to remain pleasantly fascinated by.

Here, in the heart of Sorrento, there is Villa Zagara Sorrento, an historical location, surrounded by nature and preserved with care by a family of hoteliers to give life to unforgettable unique events. Villa Zagara Sorrento is the perfect backdrop for an exclusive event or a fairytale italian wedding.

Whether you are looking for an exclusive atmosphere in the Amalfi coast for gala dinners or corporate events, team building, fashion shows or big events, Villa Zagara Sorrento is the perfect venue for you.

Additionally, getting married in an Italian garden, under an olive grove, lemon trees and enjoying the seaview of the Bay of Naples offers the perfect set up for your dream day.


The terrace facing the Bay of Naples is called Belvedere. It offers a breathtaking seaview over the Marina Grande seaside, an old fisherman village  that has always been the main entrance to Sorrento by the sea, and still today retains one of the gates that allowed access to the city. The small village of Marina Grande still retains the charm of a small fishing village with boats, picturesque houses, the smell of salt air and the scents of local cuisine.

The villa’s Belvedere offers seaview of the Gulf of Naples, the Vesuvius,the Coast of Capo di Sorrento and its characteristic glimpse of tuffaceous ridge, typical of the Sorrento Peninsula.In addition, the Belvedere can offer a variety of options on the day of a unique event,it can be the perfect space for an intimate dinner or a cocktail enjoying the beautiful sunset. Here, there is a feeling of calmness as anywhere else.


Rich in colours and scents, the  Italian Olive Grove of Villa Zagara Sorrento, has a huge collection of secular olive trees from which is made the Villa’s extraordinary extra-virgin olive oil. 

The Olive Grove with the multitude of illuminated olive trees gives infinite sensations and becomes the perfect frame for a dinner at the table that can be organised with elegant round tables or a long imperial table, everything can be customised according to the personal taste.The Olive trees become the protagonists of the most beautiful moments.


The Lemon Groves of Villa Zagara Sorrento has an exceptional charm: they tell the story of a territory and there are over 450 lemon trees and more than 10 different types of lemons. Between all these types there can be found the typical Sorrento lemon called the Surrentinian Oval,which has the beautiful white Zagara flower, from which the Villa takes the name.

There can be found several varieties and rare species of Lemon trees such as the Lemon caviar, named caviar because once opened, the pulp inside seems formed by little caviar eggs. Procida’s lemon bread which is very similar to citron but the white part of their inside is very thick and spongy, hence the name lemon bread.

Citrus limon (Limone Rosso) catches your eye because of its fiery red colour or orange, it has the pulp inside of the same colour and the flavour is slightly sour in comparison to the typical lemon.

Each lemon variety makes this place even more magical. It is no coincidence that Villa Zagara Sorrento Patron Chef uses each type of lemons to make its sophisticated dishes even more refined.

In conclusion, In this corner of Paradise the owners have decided to open their doors to the public to deliver unique unforgettable experiences.

Whatever the expectations for a special day, the right choice is to celebrate it at Villa Zagara where the quality and professionalism of the service are combined with the majesty of the place.

Come visit the website and find out how to reserve Villa Zagara for a best day ever!