Italian Wedding: 3 dishes you cannot miss

On one thing we all agree: in Italy, you can find awesome food! While joining an important event here, such as a wedding, you might feel like,“we”, Italians eat too much. Maybe it is true, but please, consider that food means a lot to the Italian people. It is part of our tradition, and we really care about our guests’ health and fullness. Just to give you a suggestion: never refuse to eat the last bite of a meal when there is an Italian nonna, shemight get very upset with you!

In Italy, you can taste the real Mediterranean cuisine, the sum of all of the most common recipes and foods cooked in the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea. Everything, in the Italian cuisine, is based on simple but extremely nourishing (and tasty!) ingredients: olive oil, bread, pasta, wine, fish. Around these elements, every Italian region has developed its own typical dishes and recipes, and each town offers a great variety of plates. 

As a matter of fact, when you participate at an exclusive event in an Italian city, you are surely provided with more than one typical meal!

Here are some representative dishes that you can find in 3 of the most amazing regions in Italy: Lazio, Tuscany and Campania.

You have surely heard of the famous pasta alla carbonara. This Italian recipe is very important to Romans. It’s simple ingredients make it super tasty and fulfilling: pasta (usually spaghetti), eggs, pecorino – cheese made with sheep’s milk -, and guanciale – cheek lard. Romans argue that its origins lay in the Second Postwar period: right after the Italian Liberation, American soldiers tried to combine the ingredients that they found – bacon, eggs and spaghetti – to make a fulfilling dish. They gave Italian chefs the inspiration to create an amazing recipe! As of today, most of the events in Rome – weddings, graduations, birthdays – are accompanied by a tasty piatto di (plate of) carbonara.

In Tuscany, like in the rest of Italy, recipes are based on very traditional ingredients. One of the most famous dishes, which you cannot miss while visiting this amazing region, is Pappardelle al cinghiale. Pappardelle are a kind of homemade pasta typical of the Tuscanian region: they are similar to spaghetti, but way wider! Each pappardella is seasoned with an extremely tasty sauce made with board meat, and a handful of parmesan! Tuscanian people use to serve it at every event, but also at familiar lunches and rendez-vous.

Italian Wedding

Campania, the land of pizza, actually offers a great variety of dishes! Also here, people try to create amazing recipes based on traditional and fresh ingredients. Every event features many awesome foods: from the traditional pizza Margherita to the finer pastas or second courses. As an example, weddings in Villa Zagara are characterized by a particular, yet tasty pasta dish: Risotto (rice) with fresh shrimps,served in the loaf of a freshly picked lemon. Wedding guests are amazed by the taste of freshly caught fish, combined with rice and delicious citrus. Can you imagine the flavour of authentic, just picked lemons from Sorrento mixed with delicate shrimps? You better try it!

These are just some of the best and most required dishes in the Italian regions of Tuscany, Lazio and Campania. We would actually need an entire book to describe all of the amazing foods that you can find at an Italian event! What are you waiting for? Choose Italy as a location for your event, and let our amazing chefs do the rest! From live cooking shows to pasta served in parmigiano cheese shapes, Italy can add a great value to your event leaving all your guests amazed and speechless. 

Have you ever planned an event in Italy? it’s time to do it!