A compelling experience in Sorrento

More and more couples choose to make their dream come true in Sorrento, celebrating their wedding on this astonishing peninsula, willing to offer a captivating experience. Breathtaking views, exclusive wedding receptions and tasteful banquet, well-endowed of Mediterranean serving,  make up

Your dreamy wedding in the Gulf of Sorrento

Summer is a marvellous season to celebrate your wedding: the sun comes, the temperature rises and the good mood spreads. At the beginning of summer, wedding dresses shorten, and the tulle,  satin and organdy reflect the sunlight. Given a shining

Unforgettable Wedding Scenario in Villa Zagara

Sorrento’s Coastline Scenario Every year tourists from all around the world leave heart in the amazing scenario of Sorrento, where a warm and welcoming climate, a rich tradition of savors and folklore will make you spend an unforgettable vacation. Not

Villa Zagara, the best wedding location in Sorrento

Sorrento and its coast. Class and excellence encased in a standout amongst the most enchanting spot in Italy. On the coast of Sorrento you can appreciate charming villas, with a fine retro climate. The white marble speaking to the expressive

Matrimonio indimenticabile: affidati al nostro “spécialiste du mariage”

La Villa è un suggestivo luogo per matrimoni. Il fascino che la incornicia può fare da corollario ad un matrimonio o ad un avvenimento all’insegna del buon gusto e del romanticismo. La splendida facciata della villa e il palcoscenico naturale

Marriage in the amazing Sorrento

In the pleasurable event of a marriage, you will be unquestionably searching for a wonderful, enjoyable place in a one of a kind domain for you and your visitors. If you enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate the you should definitely