Typical Souvenirs From the Amalfi Coast

Visiting the Amalfi Coast is a one-of-a-kind experience. Its dreamy landscapes and fascinating locations amaze around 5 million visitors every year, and give them the chance to spend time in one of the most suggestive Coasts of the entire planet. The travellers feel so fascinated by the peculiar cities and small islands that they decide to bring a piece of them back home, the so called “ souvenirs ”. Also, people who get married in this romantic location usually give their hosts a nice “ bomboniera ”. If you have never heard of this term, do not worry: according to the Italian tradition, “bomboniere” are a greeting wish, given by the marrying couple to its hosts. Here we will describe 4 of the most traditional souvenirs you can find in the Amalfi Coast, which you might also appreciate as the perfect bomboniera for your wedding guests!

If life gives you lemon… make limoncello! Have you ever tried the real limoncello made in Sorrento, Amalfi Coast? If not, you better make up for it soon. Once you taste it, you surely want to share it with your best buddies, family and friends. You can find many varieties and sizes of bottles and packagings, making it the best bomboniera for your wedding or the perfect souvenir after a relaxing vacation in the Amalfi Coast. Villa Zagara provides its guests with a delicious limoncello, made with lemons just picked from its gardens! The after-dinner cocktails back in your hometown will be way more pleasants and tasty with a glass of limoncello.

Italy has always been known for its amazing potteries, “ ceramiche ” in Italian. In particular, one of the greatest centers of production is based in the Amalfi Coast. Its origins lay in the Ancient Rome, where some major executives of the Roman families decided to spend their summer holidays in the Amalfi Coast. They were impressed by the beauties of the potteries as well as the ones of the location. The colorful ceramiche make glasses, dishes, pieces of furniture and much more. Giving them to your friends will let them have a peculiar piece of the Amalfi Coast in their house!

Every wedding in Italy ends with a bunch of confetti! They come in many sizes, colors and shapes, and can be made with chocolate, almonds or pistachios. Visitors might think about bringing some of them back home as a tasty souvenir for their friends! Besides being delicious, confetti are a good omen for the newly-weds. According to the Italian tradition, 5 of them should be given to each wedding guest. The 5 almonds should bring luck to the wedding couple, and represent: health, richness, happiness, fertility and longevity. Such a great way to start a marriage, isn’t it?

Aceto Balsamico (Balsamic Vinegar)
Balsamic Vinegar is a pretty dark vinegar that originated in Italy. Its intense flavor makes it perfect for seasoning salads and many other kind of dishes. For example, some Italians use it on top of strawberries. It might seem weird, but the taste is actually awesome! You should try it first, and then maybe bring a small bottle to your friends back home. They will love it! One of the best places where you can find Aceto Balsamico is Villa Zagara: the only producer in the South of Italy. There, the vinegar is aged in ancient oak, chestnut, robinia, mulberry and cherry barrels since 1998: expertise and tradition gets together to create the perfect taste for you and your buddies!

Visiting the Amalfi Coast as well as getting married there gives you a chance to see, taste and try amazing food and much more! Some travellers might want to share what they found with their friends and family back home, some others might want to give it to their wedding guests. One way or another, these are just 4 of many awesome souvenirs you would find in the amazing Amalfi Coast!