Villa Zagara, the best wedding location in Sorrento

Sorrento and its coast. Class and excellence encased in a standout amongst the most enchanting spot in Italy.

On the coast of Sorrento you can appreciate charming villas, with a fine retro climate. The white marble speaking to the expressive Italian excellence, green gardens in blossom where to get lost for a considerable length of time and hours.

And after that there it goes, Villa Zagara, the Villa. A glorious work of art standing proudly on the edge of the popular precipices of Sorrento. A noteworthy royal residence, constructed hundreds of years ago. An engineering jewel on the precipices of a standout amongst the most sentimental drifts in Italy.

Villa Zagara is the leader of the Sorrento coast, a desert spring of extravagance, an image of class and style. Famous all through the world, it has been and still is a most loved of numerous global celebrities. Loved for the selective condition and its protection, Villa Zagara is likewise very much famous for its radiant patio nurseries.

Villa Zagara has become one of the most celebrated Sorrento drift wedding goals in the world. Bright spaces and sumptuous subtleties, all in a one of a kind setting: Sorrento drift.

Entering Villa Zagara is like venturing into your very own family. You’ll be invited by a flawless administration in a rich and refined condition. The shining mirrors, ceiling fixtures and candles enhancing the rooms of the villa will right away take you to a fantasy put, yet at the same time in a comfortable atmosphere. The ideal setting to commend the wedding on Sorrento drift you’ve constantly longed for.

A magnificent Villa to impress your guests

A memorable Villa, with endless rooms and lobbies, where the white and gold light up the substantial windows. Endless patio nurseries, where to commend an exceptional day with the man you had always wanted and your friends and family by your side. Green spaces and bright blooms, where each bud is taken consideration as though it was a gem.

The Italian touch that makes each minute mystical and romantic. Planning your wedding at Villa Zagara means spoiling yourself in your most imperative day. Stop the time and go with your visitors in a universe of extravagance that will leave them stunned.

Treat yourself with an exceptional service inside the most desired casing of Sorrento. Plan your Italian wedding on Sorrento drift in a standout amongst the most elite area of the “Belpaese”. Amaze your visitors by respecting your visitors with a smorgasbord in one of the patios sitting above the Sorrento inlet.

Set the dinner in one of the rooms of the villa or in the superb garden, with a selective gourmand menu planned by talented gourmet specialists. Have a stroll in the delightful greenhouses edified by candles and lights. Move the night away with your life partner and your visitors joined by some ecstatic music in a rich yet in vogue setting. Appreciate the thousand lights of Villa Zagara and its environment.


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