Four main reasons to have your wedding in the Amalfi coast

Have you ever thought of having your wedding on the Amalfi coast? Here your guests will be blown away by experiencing a magical combination of senses. Among all the charms of this area, there are four main reasons that explain the purpose why thousands of couples get married here every year: breathtaking views, wonderful sunny weather, warm hospitality and exceptional food.

The breathtaking sea landscape

The charming Mediterranean landscape of the Amalfi coast is part of the UNESCO World cultural heritage. The natural and colorful vegetation covers all the mountains and low hills which create a very picturesque backdrop for your one-of-a-kind celebration. The pastel fishing villages cling to hillsides and strung along the charming coastline of plunging cliffs connected by the breathtaking Amalfi drive, a remarkable serpentine road stretching from the bay of Naples to the Gulf of Salerno. Just imagine saying “ I do” when the sun goes down encountering the sea…

Lovely weather

Hot summers and mild winters are the rules. The sunny weather gives you the chance of organizing a remarkable wedding on the Amalfi coast almost every month of the year. Thanks to the closeness to the sea, this coast is perfect to host open air ceremonies. Best months to get married here? Certainly, from March to October.

Warm hospitality

The south of Italy, especially the Amalfi coast, has the warmest people in the world. If you decide to organize your wedding on the amalfi coast, for sure you will be astonished by the friendly welcome and the way the inhabitants will nurture you. They say that in the south you will arrive as a guest and leave as a member of the family. Everytime that a wedding is celebrated, the whole city celebrates the bride and groom with its traditional rituals. For example, inhabitants throw “confetti” when the bride passes by. In fact, each and every couple who gets married on the Amalfi coast, leaves a piece of heart there.

The food experience

When you think of italian weddings, I am sure that it immediately comes up in your mind: delicious food. Can you imagine to experience a sensory journey of tastes on the day of your wedding through the flavors of the Amalfi coast? Going local in the Amalfi coast means having a wide range of top quality products at your choice. Due to its privileged position, in the shelter of the sea, this region offers a great choice of delicious seafood dishes. A masterpiece of the area is certainly the hand-made pasta, a very ancient tradition passed down from generation to generation. Besides the sea food and hand-made pasta this coast is also renowned for a rich cheese production, such as mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese and so much more. Limoncello is certainly a must try when you are in Sorrento as not only it has been invented here but due the richness and freshness of Sorrento’s lemons, limoncello here has a complete level of taste.

Well, answering to the question “Why should couples choose Sorrento as their wedding destination?” The Amalfi coast is defined as the destination of love. In fact, an ancient legend says that Amalfi was a tribute of love built by Hercules to a girl by the same name, whose eyes were as blue as the sea. Choosing the Amalfi Coast for your destination wedding gives you the chance to feel over the moon especially due to the breathtaking sea landscapes, sunny weather, warm hospitality and exceptional food experience.

Wedding in Amalfi Coast