A compelling experience in Sorrento

More and more couples choose to make their dream come true in Sorrento, celebrating their wedding on this astonishing peninsula, willing to offer a captivating experience.

Breathtaking views, exclusive wedding receptions and tasteful banquet, well-endowed of Mediterranean serving,  make up the perfect pull for betrothed.

The first thing to do is definitely choose between the needs of the couple. Without a doubt that place is Villa Zagara.

An enthralling experience to your senses

The orange blossom is the flower of citrus fruits, so the very name of the villa evokes the countless lemon and cedar trees that thrive in the garden of the Villa.

Villa Zagara offers an impeccable wedding service, supervised down to the last detail. If the fiancés desire a religious service, they may choose to hold it either in a church or straight at the Villa.  Thanks to the terraces overlooking the Sorrento bay and the magnificent gardens, each couple will come to understand that it is the perfect location to any need.

Moreover, the Villa gives to the couple the chance to take a photo shoot before the wedding. The enchanting garden of the villa, rich in pergolas or on the terrace overlooking the Vesuvius, will transport the couple into a mesmerizing world thanks to its magic atmophere. Besides, the whole city of Sorrento is a little jewel out of time, eager to show off its hidden treasures. However, don’t worry! Despite the attention to tradition and refinement that characterizes the villa, the staff knows how to have fun! A small  ensemble with live music is a voice for the bride and groom throughout the evening. There are songs for all tastes: rhythmic ones for those who want a “cool” wedding and romantic ones for the couple first dance.

What are you waiting for? Visit our website and discover how Villa Zagara can satisfy your desires!

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