Zagara, a precious Villa among the cliffs of Sorrento

Villa Zagara is elegance and beauty enclosed in one of the most fascinating places in Italy: the Gulf of Sorrento.

On the shores of Sorrento you can admire enchanting villas, with a refined retro atmosphere. The white marble represents the Italian stylistic beauty while the green gardens in bloom represent where to get lost for hours and hours. And then there it is, Villa Zagara. A majestic work of art stands proudly on the Sorrento cliffs. Villa Zagara is surely an architectural jewel on the most romantic bay in Italy.

Indeed, Villa Zagara is the flagship of the Sorrento area, an oasis of luxury, a symbol of elegance and style. Famous throughout the world, it has been and still is one of the favorite destinations of numerous international stars. Loved for its exclusive environment and its privacy, Villa Zagara is also renowned for its magnificent gardens.

Weddings in Sorrento

Villa Zagara has become one of the most famous locations for Italian weddings for years due to the fact that it is located in a unique and privileged environment: the Gulf of Sorrento.

Accessing the gardens of the Villa will instantly take you to a dream location, while still maintaining a welcoming atmosphere in full Italian style. Villa Zagara is the perfect setting to celebrate the wedding in that you’ve always dreamed of. Breathtaking views are available to celebrate a special day with the man of your dreams and with your loved ones by your side. The wonderful gardens include countless green spaces and colorful flowers, where each gem is treated as if it were a jewel.

Even more this is a taste of the Italian touch that makes every moment magical and romantic. Planning your wedding at Villa Zagara means pampering yourself on your most important day. First of all, stop the time and take a walk with your guests in a dream that will leave them speechless.

Give yourself an unforgettable ceremony in the most coveted setting of the Gulf of Sorrento and plan your wedding in one of the most exclusive locations of the “Belpaese”.

Take a walk in the beautiful gardens lit by candles and torches, dance the night away with your partner and your guests accompanied by cheerful music in an elegant setting and, finally, enjoy the thousand lights of Villa Zagara and its surroundings.

What are you waiting for? Come to Villa Zagara, and start to create your dream wedding!

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